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WHEN: Wednesday March 6th 2024 

TIME: 6:30pm

WHERE: Event Cinemas Kawana, 119 Point Cartwright Dr, Buddina QLD 4575


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A film about one man’s desire to make a difference in the world

Habitual world record attempter, Jamie Milne, has no problem with his long list of failures – he knows every single one of them helps inform him on how to do things better next time around. ‘My childhood wasn’t great to say the least, but I can’t help but think, as kids we celebrate the captain of the First XV, the captain of the netball team, the academics, the good-looking people… they get a lot of credit and many accolades, and even in adulthood, we look up to the wealthy, the celebrities, the athletes, but there’s something valuable in recognising the person who refuses to give in, and never gives up, and the resilient ones that fly under the radar but just keep going…and I think these feats of endurance that I put myself through are like a really powerful metaphor that makes failing OK. I honestly believe that the currency of life is resilience, is endurance, it’s that never give in sort of spirit that we have as humans. If you fail at something, that’s OK. Have another go. Dust yourself off and go again.’