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Donate to Camp for Kids

Over 10,000 Sunshine Coast kids are living below the poverty line. That’s over 10,000 kids living in families facing the choice between buying shoes that fit or paying the power bill or between eating and paying the rent. Without the basics these kids disengage from friends and school leading at best to a continued poverty cycle or at worst to crime, drugs, and exploitation.

At 91.9 SEA FM, we’re determined to change their future, one child at a time. This April, we’re partnering with Inclusive Kids and Motiv8sports to show 200 underprivileged Sunny Coast kids the time of their lives. SEA FM’s Camp for Kids will see 200 kids get a day they never would have dreamed of, as a guest of Motiv8sports at a one-off holiday camp hosted by SEA FM’s Bar Rat and Heidi, Elly and Becks and BT who will also broadcast live on camp day.

Our primary focus is to sponsor all 200 kids at just $100.00 each with all profits going directly to Inclusive Kids to continue their work in the community. Sunny Coast business and individuals will also have the opportunity to support, by sponsoring camp games and broadcast aspects.

So, dig deep Sunny Coast and put smile on a kid you’ll never meet and give them a day they’ll never forget.