Applying for a grant from the Fund

Grant Application Closing Dates

Grant applications will be accepted at any time and will be considered at the next available meeting of the relevant Inclusive Kids Community Grants Fund Reference Board.

Grant Application Assessment Process

All grant applications received by Inclusive Kids are assessed by the Inclusive Kids Community Grants Fund Reference Board with responsibility for the area in which the applicant resides.  All recommendations for funding are referred to the Board of IFYS for final approval.

Where the IFYS Board considers it appropriate, an application may be referred to and assessed by external parties who have particular skills and professional expertise.

All decisions of the IFYS Board in relation to the outcome of any application to the Inclusive Kids Community Grants Fund are subject to the absolute discretion of the Board of IFYS whose decision will be final and without any obligation to provide reasons.

Inclusive Kids Community Grants Fund Administration

Perceptions of where a charity's money goes and how it is spent are important and significant issues for many donors. IFYS is acutely aware of this and feels that it has both a financial and moral responsibility to ensure that money goes where it should.

Whilst a charity cannot exist without sound administrative systems and support, it is imperative to recognise that costs associated with all facets of our Inclusive Kids Community Grants Fund Administration are 100 per cent absorbed by IFYS to ensure that the maximum amount of money goes to where it is needed – the cause for which the charity operates.

It should also be noted that IFYS has a strong culture of compliance in its operations and in the discharge of its financial responsibilities and requirements.

IFYS enlists the services of independent auditors and abides by the guidelines and the recommendations endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office and the Australian Not-for-Profits and Charities Commission. 

IFYS holds Deductible Gift Recipient Status so that donations over $2.00 will be tax-deductible.

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